About Us

Old World Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. (O.W.H.) has created over a dozen much loved restaurant brands like Indian Accent, Chor Bizarre, Comorin, The All American Diner, Oriental Octopus and many more. The company has two catering divisions – luxe catering via Indian Accent on Location and corporate catering through Events Etc.

Indian Accent, New Delhi has won numerous awards and honours from diners and critics world over. It is ranked as the #19 Restaurant in Asia by Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and has been recognized by Time Magazine ‘Amongst the World’s 100 Greatest Places’. Indian Accent has a second outpost at Thompson Central Park in New York.

Comorin is an all-day restaurant and concept store in Gurugram. It was voted India’s Best Restaurant Bar by 30 Best Bars 2022-2023. The restaurant was also awarded ‘New Restaurant Of The Year’ by Epicurian Guild Awards, ‘Best New Modern Indian Restaurant’ at the Food Food Awards and also ‘Best Bar Of The Year’ at the Times Food & Nightlife Awards.

Chor Bizarre at Bikaner House in Delhi captures the spirit of Chor Bazaar or ‘thieves market’ within its kaleidoscopic interiors, serving authentic Indian cuisine in a unique atmosphere and has repeatedly been awarded for its Kashmiri cuisine as well as declared ‘The Best North Indian Restaurant in Delhi’ by the Times Food Guide.

Operating different restaurant concepts and straddling every concept and cuisine with equal panache is O.W.H.’s forté. The credo of the company is to provide a memorable experience in each guest interaction.

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