Three Tall Women and Shaayad

  • 17th & 19th February
  • Starting From: 7:00 pm
  • Amphitheatre, Habitat World, India Habitat Center

7:00 pm - Three Tall Women (English/60 mins)
Drama Society: The Ariels; College: Miranda House;
Script: Edward Albee; Directors: Radhika Shenoy and Sucheta Ramesh;
Cast: Mehul Chabri, Ambica Sood, Niharika Karkun, Navya Kumar, Noor Kamboj, Falek Khatana, Saumya Bahuguna, Tavissi Jain, Anubha Gupta, Mahwash Akhter

“Three Tall Women” is a play that is about expectations, about getting old, and about coming to the end of it. The play opens to the bedroom of an old lady, with a failing memory, accompanied by her middle-aged caretaker and a young lawyer. The old lady eventually succumbs to a stroke, and the play moves to her mental landscape, where her life is remembered through the shadowy vestiges of memory, and tough questions are asked.

8:00 pm – Shaayad (Hindi/40 mins)
Drama Society: Ibtida; College: The Hindu College
Script: Jointly scripted by the Team
Directors: Anusha Gupta, Prerana
Cast: Ritesh Yadav, Abhay Yadav, Janak Boora, Kanchan K. Verma, Shaurya Harsh, Navya Dhir, Harshit Mathur, Keshav Nautiyal and Reet Rathore

Some paths are not easy to traverse, and love is one of them. Some love stories exist out there, unfulfilled, unheard. This story revolves around that closet which we never open because of the fear that resides inside us.

Tickets at Rs.200 are also available at the Programmes Desk, Habitat World, IHC. An Old World Culture Presentation.